1. animating principle, vital spirit, pneuma, breath of life, anima, life; consciousness, soul, psyche; mind, intellect, Gk. Philos. nous; reason, understanding, intelligence; heart, self, ego, inner self.
2. incorporeality, immateriality, insubstantiality, spirituality; impalpability, intangibility.
3. apparition, phantom, eidolon, shadow, presence; wraith, shade, manes, revenant, ghost, specter, Inf. spook; fairy, sprite, elf; angel, devil, demon, ghoul; imp, goblin, hobgoblin, Obs. bugbear; (in Irish folklore) banshee.
4. motivating force, impulse, urge; dominant character, prevailing tendency, genius; complexion, cast, characteristic, quality; ethos; essence, quintessence, quiddity, embodiment; sense, root, reality, truth; meat, pith, marrow, core.
5. meaning, intent, aim, purport; implication, intimation, suggestion, underlying message, signification, significance; sense, gist, tenor, drift, nature; purpose, intention, animus.
6.(cap.) God, Divinity; the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Love; the Sanctifier, the Comforter, the Paraclete, the Dove; the third person of the Trinity.
7.Often spirits
feelings, sentiments, mood, humor, temper, grain; disposition, affection, temperament, constitution, make-up; outlook, attitude, frame or turn of mind; vein, stripe, streak, tone, cast, hue; tendency, propensity, proclivity, predisposition.
8. valor, courage, bravery, fearlessness, dauntlessness; mettle, pluck, backbone, grit, U.S. Inf. sand, Inf. spunk, Sl. guts; firmness, resoluteness, vigor, stoutness, manfulness, stout-heartedness; audacity, boldness, daring; doughtiness, gameness, feistiness.
9. enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal; ardor, fervor, fire, passion; energy, enterprise; liveliness, vivacity, animation, glow, warmth; dash, elan, It. brio. zest, verve, style, flair, panache; spice, pungency, piquancy.
10. esprit de corps, fellowship, togetherness, fellow feeling; cohesiveness, communality, oneness, unity; allegiance, devotion, attachment, adherence, bond.
11. spirits
alcohol, whiskey, liquor, grog, Sl. hard stuff; Inf. firewater, Sl. booze, Sl. hooch.
12. animate, inspirit, enliven; inspire, embolden, enhearten, encourage; stimulate, arouse, incite, urge on, goad, stir, kindle; activate, quicken, waken; vivify, vitalize, invigorate.
13. carry off, abduct, capture, seize; steal away, make or run off with; kidnap, Sl. snatch.

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